What to Look for in a Swim Instructor

The desire to learn how to swim is fascinating, but the search for the best instructor can be a nightmare. It is incredibly hectic since different instructors have different levels of experience in teaching. Usually, the rapport between you and your instructor plays the primary role in determining if you will enjoy your swimming tutorials.

Most swimming school staff comprises several instructors who can teach group lessons, while others teach private lessons. Some instructors tend to focus on teaching babies, while others concentrate on adult swimming lessons. Hence, it is essential for you to feel inspired and safe when choosing an instructor.Below are some of the things you should look for when choosing the best swim instructor.

Safety Certifications

It is essential to look into the specifications of training which your selected instructor has. Any reputable swim instructor needs to have First Aid Certification, CPR Certification, and Formal Swim Instructor Certification to be termed qualified. Therefore, ensure your selected teacher has these certifications.


swimmingExcelling in a sport does not necessarily mean that the person can make an excellent instructor. At times, a person can be a superb swimmer, but he/ she does not know how to tutor someone on how to swim. Therefore, it is essential to select an instructor with a teaching experience of at least two years and above. With this, you will be assured that your swimming desires will be met.

An instructor with recognizable expertise can accommodate different personalities and may have a wide range of learning abilities. With this in place, you, as a student, will be able to learn swimming lessons more effectively.


You need to check if your swimming instructor is insured. Due to the financial constraints, most of the independent swim tutors have no insurance covers. This may leave you accumulating a lot of liability costs in case an accident occurs. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your selected swim instructor is covered before undertaking the swimming lessons.


Consider the purpose as to why you need to undertake the swimming lessons. Be it for competition or basic swimming. It is essential to look into the specialization of the instructor. Some are best when dealing with toddlers, while others better off teaching adults. Just ensure that your selected instructor falls under your age group’s categories if you want to achieve your swimming goals.

Background Check

It is vital to conduct a background check most, especially when the swim instructor is required to come to your house for training. Ensure that the instructor is trustworthy and responsible. By this, you will feel relaxed and more comfortable while undertaking your lessons.