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What to Look for in a Swim Instructor

The desire to learn how to swim is fascinating, but the search for the best instructor can be a nightmare. It is incredibly hectic since different instructors have different levels of experience in teaching. Usually, the rapport between you and your instructor plays the primary role in determining if you will enjoy your swimming tutorials.

Most swimming school staff comprises several instructors who can teach group lessons, while others teach private lessons. Some instructors tend to focus on teaching babies, while others concentrate on adult swimming lessons. Hence, it is essential for you to feel inspired and safe when choosing an instructor.Below are some of the things you should look for when choosing the best swim instructor.

Safety Certifications

It is essential to look into the specifications of training which your selected instructor has. Any reputable swim instructor needs to have First Aid Certification, CPR Certification, and Formal Swim Instructor Certification to be termed qualified. Therefore, ensure your selected teacher has these certifications.


swimmingExcelling in a sport does not necessarily mean that the person can make an excellent instructor. At times, a person can be a superb swimmer, but he/ she does not know how to tutor someone on how to swim. Therefore, it is essential to select an instructor with a teaching experience of at least two years and above. With this, you will be assured that your swimming desires will be met.

An instructor with recognizable expertise can accommodate different personalities and may have a wide range of learning abilities. With this in place, you, as a student, will be able to learn swimming lessons more effectively.


You need to check if your swimming instructor is insured. Due to the financial constraints, most of the independent swim tutors have no insurance covers. This may leave you accumulating a lot of liability costs in case an accident occurs. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your selected swim instructor is covered before undertaking the swimming lessons.


Consider the purpose as to why you need to undertake the swimming lessons. Be it for competition or basic swimming. It is essential to look into the specialization of the instructor. Some are best when dealing with toddlers, while others better off teaching adults. Just ensure that your selected instructor falls under your age group’s categories if you want to achieve your swimming goals.

Background Check

It is vital to conduct a background check most, especially when the swim instructor is required to come to your house for training. Ensure that the instructor is trustworthy and responsible. By this, you will feel relaxed and more comfortable while undertaking your lessons.


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A Guide on Buying an Electric Bike

An electric bike is a good alternative to driving. If you want to save the environment by limiting toxic fumes, a bike can be a lifesaver. The best thing is that you do not have to use a lot of energy with an electric bike. Since these bikes use electric power, it is easy to cycle to work.

Unfortunately, buying an electric bike is not as easy as it seems. Read about the best electric dirt bike for adults. You will need to understand all the important features that you might need. Here is a guide on buying an electric bike:

Use of the Bike

Before buying an electric bike, think about you are going to use it. If you want a bike to take you to work and back, a commuter bike is an ideal choice for you. on the other hand, if you want to be running errands, you can get an electric bike with cargo space.

You can use the space to keep all your cargo. We also have mountain bikes that can be used in rough terrain. Think about the use of your bike so that you choose the appropriate bike.

Skill Level

Your cycling skill level will determine the right bike for you. If you are a beginner, you will need to buy a bike that is easy to ride so that you can keep up the momentum.

With time you can opt for electric bikes that are faster and more elaborate. After your skills grow, you can go for bikes that have better speed and performance.

electric bike


Electric bikes are battery-powered, and we can never ignore the importance of having a bike with a good battery. When looking at the battery, make sure that it takes the shortest time to charge.

The average charging time for electric bikes is around five hours. You will also need to check the location of the battery. We have bikes that have exterior and interior bikes. Exterior batteries are easy to charge while interior ones make the bike look neat and add space.


There are bikes that come with other accessories. We have bikes that come with a mounted GPS so that you can improve navigation. Lighting is also important so that you can increase visibility at night.

There are other accessories like a place to put your cargo when riding. It is important to check all the accessories that you will need. Buying a bike with all the accessories will help you to save money on buying accessories later.


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Benefits of Having a Gym at Home

Fitness is essential to a person’s health and well-being. Being physically fit is one of everyone’s goal in life. We all aspire to have that beach body, especially that summer is just around the corner. However, not everyone has the time to go to the gym, nor has the budget to pay for a gym membership. But this should not be the reason not to start your own path to fitness.

You might need to cash out a little bit to build your own gym at home, but this would even depend on what you need for your daily workouts. It might not also be that expensive, and the long term benefits of it would make this all worth it.

Here are some benefits of having your own gym at home:


You can incorporate your workout into your daily life at any time of the day. Usually, time is the main reason why people miss their workout. It could be a sudden work emergency, stuck in traffic, some don’t even follow the regular working hours, so some gyms cannot cater to their time. There are a lot of reasons, but this issue won’t be a hitch to your fitness goals if you have a gym at home. You can work out anytime you want, no excuses!


Sometimes trying a new fitness plan can be overwhelming. There are times where you’re still getting used to a workout, and it could be embarrassing having a lot of people around you. Having a gym at your own home, you’re more comfortable easing into a workout or trying new and exciting exercises, and there won’t be anyone to judge. You can customize your gym to your own liking, play any music that can get you in the zone, and, more importantly, you can go at your own pace. Let’s not forget that being comfortable with your own skin is important to one’s fitness journey.


Having a gym at home can save you a lot of time and money. You would need to shell out initially, but this would even depend on the equipment you need. In the long run, this would be an investment. You will also be saving a lot of time with not having to commute to the gym. You can allot your travel time to your workout, and you will still have enough time for other activities!

Of course, it won’t make you physically fit or healthy by just having a gym at home. Remember to keep yourself motivated and committed to your fitness journey. Consistency is the key! And don’t forget to make healthy food choices!



Benefits of Doing Calisthenics

Calisthenics is working out the body by repetitively doing exercises that use bodyweight. The workout routine only requires using your bodyweight to build muscle strength, burn fat, and increase flexibility. It is the exercising of the body without using any extra weights or gym equipment and can be done in any place without the need for a huge space. For individuals seeking more gains, you can check out various performance boosters. This form of training is a healthy, simple, yet effective way to work out your body compared to working with weights as they can damage your body.

There are many benefits of doing calisthenics, and below are some of them.

Can Be Done Anywhere

bodyweight training
It is possible to do calisthenics anywhere, be it in your bedroom or a well-spaced compound. A workout routine that involves only bodyweight workout can be affordable because there is no special equipment required. This takes away the need for a gym membership or having to purchase equipment. It is easy to stay committed to a calisthenics routine even when you’re moving from place to place. You do not have to carry heavy weights with you when traveling.

Toning and Muscle Building

Doing calisthenics is the most effective way to build muscle and tone your body, without using weights. It helps you build muscle strength and mass while keeping the individual lean and flexible. For people interested in extreme muscle-building, calisthenics would not be enough and have to be supplemented by weights or performance boosters. Still, if your goal is to stay active, healthy, and fit, you should consider doing calisthenics and drop the weights. This puts you in less risk of getting an injury as well as giving you great and quick results.


flexible calisthenics
Calisthenics involves working out with the body’s resistance. Therefore, it helps you be able to carry yourself around easily. It increases muscle strength, thus increasing muscle flexibility. A strong muscle strains less when contracting compared to a weak muscle; allowing the muscles to flex and extend easily. Calisthenics gets your muscles used to your body weight, and this, in turn, allows you to move around flexibly.

Increases Metabolism

This type of workout burns fat by building muscle mass and toning your body. This increased muscle mass leads to the speeding up of your rate of metabolism. This means that the food you take is being converted to energy faster each day and each moment. Increased metabolism ensures all foods you take in is well used and no extra fats are stored; this keeps you in good shape.

Exercise is a great way to improve your general health, and calisthenics makes it easy to work out anywhere and at any time. Workouts involving weights might be hazardous as they can lead to injuries; bodyweight training is a safe way to go when exercising.


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How to Choose the Best Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are increasingly becoming popular among women seeking to lose a few inches around the waist. The reason behind this is due to their effectiveness in helping one shed excess mass around the waist. One can choose the fitness or waist trainer by reading verified waist trainer reviews.

The beauty of waist trainers is that they are easy to attach and use, which makes them a favorite choice for most women. However, there are a number of people who do not know how to pick the right waist trainer for their bodies. Below are some on how to choose the best waist trainer:

Ability to Breathe

When buying a waist trainer, ensure that you are able to breathe once you put it on. Your waist trainer should not interfere with your breathing or even the ability to do your duties as you would normally have. You should try inhaling and exhaling while standing, then while sitting. Ensure that you can do this with ease. If you are having difficulties breathing, you are probably better off getting another waist trainer.


Other than just breathing, you should feel comfortable in your waist trainer. It should not make carrying out your normal duties to turn into a task itself. Some people think that the tighter the waist trainer, the sooner you will get the desired results. This cannot be further from the truth. Actually, suing a very tight waist trainer will not give you the desired results. As a matter of fact, it will just end up hurting your body. For this reason, ensure that you get the right fit waist trainer in terms of the material and size.


As time goes by when using a waist trainer, your waistline will start reducing, when this happens, you will need to adjust the size of the waist trainer to make it smaller so that it fits. When looking for a waist trainer, it is always advisable that you look for the one that is easily adjustable. It is good to have a waist trainer with a number of hooks so that you can keep adjusting its size as your waist grows smaller.

When choosing a good waist trainer, be sure to pick the one that leaves at least three hooks. This will ensure that as your waist decreases, you will keep adjusting it. If you don’t do this, you will be forced to buy a new waist trainer every time you shed a few inches.

The above are just a few ideas that can help you in choosing the best waist trainer. It is advisable that before choosing the best waist trainer, you should have your waist size goal in mind. In order to know your true waist size, you should measure the thinnest part of your waist, all round. This should always be your goal. It is not advisable to try and lower it more than that as that might result in health problems especially around the abdomen and the …